Getting started

This section of the documentation will give you an overview of how to get a simple GraphQL API up and running with some dataobject content.

Installing on silverstripe/recipe-cms < 4.11

The 4.8 - 4.10 releases of recipe-cms support both versions 3 and 4.0.0-alpha versions of this module. Using the alpha (or beta) releases requires inlining the recipe and updating the silverstripe/graphql version.

You can inline silverstripe/recipe-cms by running this command:

composer update-recipe silverstripe/recipe-cms

Alternatively, you can remove silverstripe/recipe-cms from your root composer.json and replace it with the contents of the composer.json in silverstripe/recipe-cms.

You are viewing docs for a pre-release version of silverstripe/graphql (4.x). Help us improve it by joining #graphql on the Community Slack, and report any issues at Docs for the current stable version (3.x) can be found here
Activating the default server
Open up the default server that comes pre-configured with the module
Configuring your schema
Add a basic type to the schema configuration
Building the schema
Turn your schema configuration into executable code
Building a schema with procedural code
Use PHP code to build your schema