SilverStripe is easily extensible to meet custom application requirements. This guide covers the wide range of API's to modify built-in functionality and make your own code easily extensible.


No two applications are ever going to be the same and SilverStripe is built with this in mind. The core framework includes common functionality and default behaviors easily complemented with add-ons such as modules, widgets and themes.

SilverStripe includes a myriad of extension API's such as Extension Hooks and support for programming patterns such as Dependency Injection. Allowing developers to tailor the framework to their needs without modifying the core framework.

  • Modules

    Extend core functionality with modules.

  • Extensions

    Extensions and DataExtensions let you modify and augment objects transparently.

  • Shortcodes

    Flexible content embedding

  • Injector

    Introduction to using Dependency Injection within SilverStripe.

  • Aspects

    Introduction to using aspect-oriented programming with SilverStripe.

  • Custom Templates

    Override templates from core and modules in your application

  • How Tos

How to's

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