Version 4 supported
This version of Silverstripe CMS is still supported though will not receive any additional features. Go to documentation for the most recent stable version.

Issues and bug reports

Reporting bugs

If you think you've found a security issue, please use the specific process for those. Do not raise a security issue in GitHub.

If you have discovered a bug in Silverstripe CMS, we'd be glad to hear about it - well written bug reports can be half of the solution already!

Silverstripe CMS uses GitHub to manage bug reports. If you want to report a bug, you will need to create a GitHub account and log in.

We don't provide support through GitHub issues. If you're having trouble using or developing with Silverstripe CMS but you don't think your problem is a bug, please ask for assistance in our community channels.

Before submitting a bug

If the issue does look like a new bug

  • Create an issue on the right module repository in GitHub

  • Describe the steps required to reproduce your issue, and the expected outcome. Example code, screenshots, and videos can help here. Be as clear as you can, but don't miss any steps out. Simply saying "create a page" is less useful than guiding us through the steps you're taking to create a page, for example.
  • If the bug is too complex to reproduce with some short code samples, please reproduce it in a public repository and provide a link to the repository along with steps for setting up and reproducing the bug using that repository. A repository like this should only contain code that is required to set up and reproduce the bug.
  • Describe your environment in as much detail as possible. Include the versions of relevant modules, the PHP version, webserver, and operating system used to run the project, the browser(s) you see the issue in, etc.
  • If part of the bug includes an error or exception, please provide a full stack trace. Be wary that stack traces may contain sensitive information, and if that is the case, be sure to redact them prior to posting your stack trace.
  • You are strongly encouraged to submit a pull request which fixes the issue. Bug reports which are accompanied with a pull request are a lot more likely to be resolved quickly.

Lastly, don't get your hopes up too high. Unless your issue is a blocker affecting a large number of users, don't expect Silverstripe developers to jump onto it right way. Your issue is a starting point where others with the same problem can collaborate with you to develop a fix. If this bug is a blocker for you, then submitting a pull request is the best way to ensure it gets fixed.

Feature requests

Please don't file feature requests as GitHub issues. If there's a new feature you'd like to see in Silverstripe CMS, you either need to write it yourself (and submit a pull request) or convince somebody else to write it for you. Any "wishlist" type issues without code attached can be expected to be closed as soon as they're reviewed.

In order to gain interest and feedback in your feature, we encourage you to present it to the community through the community channels.

Reporting security issues

If you think a bug may have security implications, do not create a GitHub issue for it. This may lead to a zero-day vulnerability.

Report potential security issues to Emails sent to that address are forwarded to a private mailing list and kick off a specific security process.

If you have any doubts or are unsure whether the bug you've found has security implications or not, please err on the side of caution and email us about it.

Review our Managing Security Issues process to understand what happens once a vulnerability is reported.

Silverstripe CMS aims to ship security patches at pre-defined intervals when those issues are not actively exploited in the wild. Review the Security patch windows section of our minor release policy for more details.

Silverstripe CMS does not operate a bug bounty program.

GitHub labels

The current GitHub labels are grouped into five sections:

  1. Impact - What impact does this issue have, does it break a feature completely, is it just a side effect or is it trivial and not a big problem (but a bit annoying), etc. Impact is evaluated in the context of the CMS as a whole, rather than against the individual module the issue is raised on.
  2. Complexity - What level of technical proficiency is required to address this issue?
  3. Type - The type of solution required to address this issue
  4. Affects - The major release line this issue is relevant to - for instance silverstripe/admin 2.0.0 is on the CMS 5 major release line, so use affects/v5. Do not add this label for unreleased major release lines, instead use type/api-break.
  5. RFC - The issue is a request-for-comment
impact/criticalWebsite breaking issue with no workarounds. Reserved only for bugs. Bugfix's will target all supported minor release lines.
impact/highAffects a major usage flow. Broken functionality with no obvious workarounds available, or an enhancement that provides a clear benefit to users
impact/mediumWhen affecting a major usage flow, for bugs there is a workaround available and for enhancements there would be a reasonable benefit to users. For a less common usage flow there is broken functionality and for enhancements there is a clear benefit to users.
impact/lowA nuisance but doesn't break any functionality (typos, etc). For enhancements there would only be a limited benefit to users.
complexity/lowSomeone with limited Silverstripe CMS experience could resolve
complexity/mediumSomeone with a good understanding of Silverstripe CMS could resolve
complexity/highOnly an expert with Silverstripe CMS could resolve
type/bugDoes not function as intended, or is inadequate for the purpose it was created for
type/enhancementNew feature or improvement for either users or developers
type/api-breakAn breaking API change requiring a new major release
type/uxImpact on the CMS user interface
type/docsA docs change
type/userhelpA userhelp documentation change
type/otherAny issue that does not is not covered by another type label e.g. general maintainence
affects/*Issue has been observed on a specific CMS release line
rfc/draftRFC under discussion
rfc/acceptedRFC where agreement has been reached