Version 5 supported

Working with DataObjects

In this section of the documentation, we'll cover adding DataObjects to the schema, exposing their fields, and adding read/write operations. We'll also look at some of the plugins that are available to DataObjects like sorting, filtering, and pagination, as well as some more advanced concepts like permissions, inheritance and property mapping.

Adding DataObjects to the schema
An overview of how the DataObject model can influence the creation of types, queries, and mutations
DataObject query plugins
Learn about some of the useful goodies that come pre-packaged with DataObject queries
DataObject operation permissions
A look at how permissions work for DataObject queries and mutations
DataObject inheritance
Learn how inheritance is handled in DataObject types
Versioned content
A guide on how DataObjects with the Versioned extension behave in GraphQL schemas
Property mapping and dot syntax
Learn how to customise field names, use dot syntax, and use aggregate functions
Nested type definitions
Define dependent types inline with a parent type