Version 5 supported


File management and abstraction is provided by the silverstripe/assets. This provides the basis for the storage of all non-static files and resources usable by a Silverstripe CMS web application.

By default the File has these characteristics:

  • A default permission model based on folder hierarchy.
  • Versioning of files, including the ability to draft modifications to files and subsequently publish them.
  • Physical protection of both unpublished and secured files, allowing restricted access as needed.
  • An abstract storage based on the flysystem library, which can be substituted for any other backend.
  • Can be embedded into any HTML field via shortcodes.
File management
Learn how to manage File and Image records
Learn how to crop and resize images in templates and PHP code
File security
Manage access permission to assets
File storage
Describes the persistence layer of files
File manipulation
Learn how to manipulate file records in code
Allowed file types
Control the type of files that can be stored in your Silverstripe CMS project
File usage
See file usage and customising the file "Used on" table

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