Version 5 supported


The following guide describes the common ways to speed your Silverstripe CMS website up. The general rules for getting the best performance out of Silverstripe CMS include running the latest versions of PHP alongside a opcode cache such as OPcache.

If you're running shared hosting, make sure your host meets the minimum system requirements and has activated one of the PHP opcode caches to achieve the best results for your application. Once your hardware is performing it's best, dig into the guides below to see what you can do.

Partial Caching
Cache Silverstripe CMS templates to reduce database queries.
Optimise performance by caching expensive processes
HTTP Cache Headers
Set the correct HTTP cache headers for your responses.
Identify bottlenecks within your application.
Static Publishing
Export your web pages as static HTML and serve the web like it's 1999.
Resource Usage
Manage Silverstripe CMS's memory footprint and CPU usage.
ORM Performance
Configuration and tips for improving ORM performance