Version 5 supported

House rules for everybody contributing to Silverstripe CMS

See our high level overview on on how you can help out. Or, for more detailed guidance, read one of the following pages:

Bug Reports
Report bugs or problems with SilverStripe, feature requests or other issues.
Contributing Code
Fix bugs and add new features to help make Silverstripe CMS better.
Build tooling
The tools we use to compile our frontend code
Release process
Describes the process followed for "core" releases.
Writing guide for contributing to SilverStripe developer and CMS user help documentation.
Translate interface components like button labels into multiple languages.
Implement Internationalisation
Implement SilverStripe's internationalisation system in your own modules.
Coding conventions
The style guidelines we follow in all of our open source code
Javascript coding conventions
The Javascript style guidelines we follow in our open source software
CSS coding conventions
The CSS style guidelines we follow in our open source software
PHP coding conventions
The code style guidelines we use in our open source software
Triage resources
Canned responses and other resources used during triage
Managing Security Issues
This document highlights how the Silverstripe CMS security team handles security issues.