Version 5 supported

Customising the admin interface

The Admin interface is bundled within the Silverstripe CMS but is most commonly used in conjunction with the cms module. The main class for displaying the interface is a specialized Controller called LeftAndMain, named as it is designed around a left hand navigation and a main edit form.

The user interface logic has a combination of jQuery and jQuery.entwine with with ReactJS. Some admin sections (AssetAdmin and CampaignAdmin) are powered purely with react components, while others have a combination of both react components and jQuery logic.

Create admin UI's for managing your data records.
CMS Architecture
An overview of the code architecture of the CMS
Admin Layout
Add interactivity enhancements to the admin with Javascript
How content previews work in the CMS
Add custom CSS properties to the rich-text editor.
Javascript Development
Advanced documentation about writing and customizing javascript within Silverstripe CMS.
jQuery Entwine
React, Redux, and GraphQL
Learn how to extend and customise the technologies we use for application state and client-rendered UI.

How to's

CMS alternating button
Add an "active" and "neutral" state to the CMS buttons
CMS form field help text
Add help text to the form fields in the CMS
Customise the CMS Menu
Make custom changes to the left hand menu in the CMS
Customise the CMS pages list
Customise the CMS tree
Learn how to add custom UI elements to the CMS page navigation
Customising React components
Learn how to use Injector to override React-rendered form fields
Customising React forms
Use Injector to add customisations to React-rendered forms
Customise site reports
Creating your own custom data or content reports.
Extend the CMS interface
Customise the UI of the CMS backend
Extending an existing ModelAdmin
ModelAdmin interfaces that come with the core can be customised easily