Version 5 supported

How to Create Lightweight Form

Out of the box, Silverstripe CMS provides a robust and reusable set of HTML markup for FormField, however this can sometimes produce markup which is unnecessarily bloated.

For example, a basic search form. We want to use the Form API to handle the form but we may want to provide a totally custom template to meet our needs. To do this, we'll provide the class with a unique template through setTemplate().

If you just want to change the template for a given form field instead, you can call setTemplate() on the individual field.


public function SearchForm() 
    $fields = new FieldList(

    $actions = new FieldList(
        FormAction::create('doSearch', 'Search')

    $form = new Form($this, __FUNCTION__, $fields, $actions);

    return $form;


<form $FormAttributes>
    <div class="Actions">
        <% loop $Actions %>$Field<% end_loop %>
</form> will be executed within the scope of the Form object so has access to any of the methods and properties on Form such as $Fields and $Actions.

To understand more about Scope or the syntax for custom templates, read the Templates guide.