4.5.0 (Unreleased)


Installer UI has been removed

Until now, core releases of SilverStripe would put drop an install.php file in the public root that, when accessed with a browser, would offer an installation UI prompting the user for all the necessary configuration of your project and environment, and validating it before performing the installation.

While this may be an important part of the onboarding experience for newcomers to SilverStripe, it is an unnecessary artefact and potential security risk for the vast majority of developers who install SilverStripe with composer and their own environment files.

The installer UI will continue to live on under the name "installer-wizard" in a separate package, which can be added incrementally to core recipe installation, using composer require silverstripe/installer-wizard. It is no longer a commercially supported module.

Archive downloads have been removed

SilverStripe has gradually switched from using file archives to installation via Composer. This enabled a much more diverse module ecosystem, with clear dependency management and greater ability to check and enforce constraints and semantic versioning.

Starting with this release, we are no longer publishing silverstripe/installer as a file archive download on silverstripe.org. If your workflow relied on these downloads, please switch to using Composer. See #9232 for details.

Generic login form styling

Login forms in SilverStripe are traditionally embedded in your page template. This often requires style adjustments in your website, for example to cover variations such as error messages and validation feedback. It also complicates more advanced login flows such as multi-factor authentication.

Starting with this release, new installations include the silverstripe/login-forms module. It provides generic styles which look great without any adjustments. You can choose to add your own logo, or customise the templates. The URLs to login functionality have not changed (e.g. Security/login).

Existing SilverStripe websites upgrading to this release can opt in to using login forms via composer:

composer require silverstripe/login-forms

Note that any customisations you might have in Page.ss or Layout/Security.ss no longer apply when this module is installed. If you have customised the login process by adding form fields, or through custom handlers such as SAML or LDAP, you'll need to review those before starting to use the module.

New PasswordExpirationMiddleware now proactively invalidates members with expired passwords

A new PasswordExpirationMiddleware has been implemented. It checks passwords of authenticated users for expiration and either enforces a redirection to a change password form, or resets the user for a request being processed (sets current user to null).

This is considered to be a security enhancement, but potentially might interfere with some custom logic around password expiration if you have it implemented.

Ideally you should test your setup when upgrading if you use the password expiration functionality.

If you'd like to deactivate the middleware, you can unregister it in your application config like this:

Name: disable-passwordExpirationMiddleware
  - '#coresecurity'
        PasswordExpirationMiddleware: null


  • PasswordValidator methods minLength, characterStrength, and checkHistoricalPasswords are now deprecated from 4.5.0 onwards (previously 5.0).