How to Write a FunctionalTest

FunctionalTest test your applications Controller instances and anything else which requires a web request. The core of these tests are the same as SapphireTest unit tests but add several methods for creating SS_HTTPRequest and receiving SS_HTTPResponse objects. In this How To, we'll see how to write a test to query a page, check the response and modify the session within a test.



class HomePageTest extends FunctionalTest {

     * Test generation of the view
    public function testViewHomePage() {
        $page = $this->get('home/');

        // Home page should load..
        $this->assertEquals(200, $page->getStatusCode());

        // We should see a login form
        $login = $this->submitForm("LoginFormID", null, array(
            'Email' => '[email protected]',
            'Password' => 'wrongpassword'

        // wrong details, should now see an error message
        $this->assertExactHTMLMatchBySelector("#LoginForm p.error", array(
            "That email address is invalid."

        // If we login as a user we should see a welcome message
        $me = Member::get()->first();

        $page = $this->get('home/');

        $this->assertExactHTMLMatchBySelector("#Welcome", array(
            'Welcome Back'

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