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Testing Email within Unit Tests

Silverstripe CMS's test system has built-in support for testing emails sent using the Email class. If you are running a SapphireTest test, then it holds off actually sending the email, and instead lets you assert that an email was sent using this method.

use SilverStripe\Control\Email\Email;

public function MyMethod() 
    $e = new Email();
    $e->To = "";
    $e->Subject = "Hi there";
    $e->Body = "I just really wanted to email you and say hi.";

To test that MyMethod sends the correct email, use the SapphireTest::assertEmailSent() method.

$this->assertEmailSent($to, $from, $subject, $body);

// to assert that the email is sent to the correct person
$this->assertEmailSent("", null, "/th.*e$/");

Each of the arguments ($to, $from, $subject and $body) can be either one of the following.

  • A string: match exactly that string
  • null/false: match anything
  • A PERL regular expression (starting with '/')

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