Change Log

API Changes

  • 2018-02-13 eed518b Shift TestAssetStore to non-test dev namespace to ensure this class is available for other modules (Damian Mooyman)

Features and Enhancements

  • 2018-02-12 9ce21338a composer.json missing notice (zanderwar)


  • 2018-02-14 2fab96b behat tests with new cms button labels (Christopher Joe)
  • 2018-02-13 911a50c tests to use new TestAssetStore (Damian Mooyman)
  • 2018-02-13 c767e472d DataObject singleton creation (Jonathon Menz)
  • 2018-02-13 f2b82b1f7 docs for configuring before/after a specific config file (Christopher Joe)
  • 2018-02-13 0b7cf8033 Fix incorrect convert slashes argument (Damian Mooyman)
  • 2018-02-13 c6095cf word boundary issue with pathname matching (Christopher Joe)
  • 2018-02-13 1d27a14 Remove border-radius add hover states to non-active tabs (Sacha Judd)
  • 2018-02-12 ad52ced Prevent nested permissions from breaking recursive publishing (Damian Mooyman)
  • 2018-02-12 0f08f85 improve the browser warning logic show (Christopher Joe)
  • 2018-02-12 423cbe0 Fix broken createArgs() for scaffolded reads (#138) (Damian Mooyman)
  • 2018-02-08 d86e5dfc remove now superfluous print action destroyer (Dylan Wagstaff)
  • 2018-02-08 d3278d547 Add Nested DB transaction support (#7848) (Daniel Hensby)
  • 2018-02-08 0a486b8f5 Fix issue with CLIDebugView failing on class name of existing class (Damian Mooyman)
  • 2018-02-08 df62ffa Fix createArgs() for Versioned graphql operations (Damian Mooyman)
  • 2018-02-07 dd3fbf2c7 Fix installer checking wrong location for files (Damian Mooyman)
  • 2018-02-06 0094c19 Add text-colour to status-archived, remove span.badge styles (Sacha Judd)
  • 2018-02-06 6b38031a1 Fix Director::test() not persisting removed session keys on teardown (Damian Mooyman)
  • 2018-01-26 416915b08 tableName is blank in CompositeDBField->addToQuery (Dominik Beerbohm)
  • 2018-01-25 cf69d0486 Fix ping including requirements (Damian Mooyman)
  • 2018-01-24 c2cd6b383 Fix Member_GroupSet::removeAll() (fixes #3948) (Loz Calver)
  • 2018-01-24 f2b4c192e Fix UploadField cuts off “Save” button (closes #2862) (Loz Calver)
  • 2018-01-23 7384e3fc2 Gridfields with dropdowns having lots of overflow (Scott Hutchinson)
  • 2016-10-21 8e5bb6fbd Fix : relObject() should return null if one of the node is null (Jason)
  • 2016-03-15 22b3a71ec ing val reference to url in https hotlink (Denise Rivera)
  • 2015-04-22 1f63637b9 for #4095, TinyMCE not able to modify props of embed media (bug 1) and invalid HTML inserted (bug 2) (Patrick Nelson)