Version 4 supported
This version of Silverstripe CMS is still supported though will not receive any additional features. Go to documentation for the most recent stable version.


Change log


  • 2018-12-10 b59ba39 Add CSRF middlware

Features and enhancements

  • 2018-07-16 9270206c Use Injector to create new class instances and pass $params (Robbie Averill)


  • 2018-12-10 9fce4b2 Ensure httpMethod context is applied to all controller actions (#194) (Aaron Carlino)
  • 2018-11-29 59221e8 Cache key cannot contain : chars, will happen when viewing from archive (Robbie Averill)
  • 2018-11-21 9ce6d91b7 / TreeMultiselectField::objectForKey handles list of IDs correctly (Serge Latyntcev)
  • 2018-11-16 35c3a8c6 'Search' text in default search form should be a placeholder (Robbie Averill)
  • 2018-11-15 b5bae137b Redirect loop with multiple confirmation tokens present (fixes #8607) (Loz Calver)
  • 2018-11-12 15aaf9db9 Fix a code style typo (Serge Latyntcev)
  • 2018-11-08 4b4fbabed TreeMultiselectField passes value 'unchanged' as null to ORM for 'ID' column key (Serge Latyntcev)
  • 2018-10-15 6de0fa0 Fix codesniffer runs in Travis (Robbie Averill)
  • 2018-10-06 c498aa03 Fixing wrong Live-Preview-Link in SilverStripeNavigatorItem_LiveLink (fixes #865). (Stephan Bauer)
  • 2018-09-13 7189653b SiteTree Title field should have rounded corners before Update URL button is shown (Robbie Averill)
  • 2018-07-27 bc70b877 Apply missing class to report header. (Maxime Rainville)
  • 2018-07-01 bc8bb13 Button outline secondary class is now correct in disabled "Publish campaign" button (Robbie Averill)