Version 3 end of life
This version of Silverstripe CMS will not recieve any additional bug fixes or documentation updates. Go to documentation for the most recent stable version.


Themes can be used to kick start your SilverStripe projects, can be stored outside of your application code and your application can provide multiple unique themes (i.e a mobile theme).


Head to the Themes area of the website to check out the range of themes the community has built. Each theme has a page with links you can use to preview and download it. The theme is provided as a .tar.gz file.



Unpack the contents of the zip file you download into the themes directory in your SilverStripe installation. The theme should be accessible at themes/theme_name.

Via Composer

If a theme has composer support you can require it directly through composer.

	composer require "author/theme_name" "dev/master"

As you've added new files to your SilverStripe installation, make sure you clear the SilverStripe cache by appending ?flush=1 to your website URL (e.g [/alert]

After installing the files through either method, update the current theme in SilverStripe. This can be done by either altering the SSViewer.theme setting in a config.yml or by changing the current theme in the Site Configuration panel (


	  theme: theme_name

A theme within SilverStripe is simply a collection of templates and other front end assets such as javascript and css. located within the themes directory.


Your theme can also be organised into split folders for each module it caters for.

## Submitting your theme to SilverStripe

If you want to submit your theme to the SilverStripe directory then check

* You should ensure your templates are well structured, modular and commented so it's easy for other people to customise 
*  Templates should not contain text inside images and all images provided must be open source and not break any 
copyright or license laws. This includes any icons your template uses.
*  A theme does not include any PHP files. Only CSS, HTML, Images and javascript.

Your theme file must be in a .tar.gz format. A useful tool for this is - [7 Zip]( Using 7Zip you
must select the your_theme folder and Add to archive, select TAR and create. Then after you have the TAR file right
click it -> Add to Archive (again) -> Then use the archive format GZIP.

## Links

 * [Themes Listing on](
 * [Themes Forum on](
 * [Themes repository on](