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2.3.8 (2010-07-23)

No overview noted.

Upgrading Notes

See API Changes below

Security: File->setName() and File->Filename handling

See 2.4.1

Security: Disallow direct execution of *.php files

See 2.4.1


Features and Enhancements

  • [rev:108062] Added File::$allowed_extensions (backport from 2.4 to enable File->validate() security fix)
  • [rev:103684] Allowing !TestRunner? to skip certain tests through the ?!SkipTests?=... GET paramete (merged from branches/2.3-nzct) (from r80646)
  • [rev:103659] do not show comments that need moderation in the comment rss feed

API Changes

  • [rev:108062] Don't reflect changes in File and Folder property setters on filesystem before write() is called, to ensure that validate() applies in all cases. This fixes a problem where File->setName() would circumvent restrictions in File::$allowed_extensions (fixes #5693)
  • [rev:108062] Removed File->resetFilename(), use File->updateFilesystem() to update the filesystem, and File->getRelativePath() to just update the "Filename" property without any filesystem changes (emulating the old $renamePhysicalFile method argument in resetFilename())
  • [rev:108062] Removed File->autosetFilename(), please set the "Filename" property via File->getRelativePath()


  • [rev:108045] Don't allow direct access to PHP files in mysite module. (from r108029)
  • [rev:108044] Don't allow direct access to PHP files in cms module. (from r108028)
  • [rev:108043] Don't allow direct access to PHP files in sapphire module, except for main.php and static-main.php (from r108023)

Minor changes

  • [rev:108062] Added unit tests to !FileTest and !FolderTest (some of them copied from !FileTest, to test Folder behaviour separately)
  • [rev:108046] Partially reverted r108045, mistakenly committed !RewriteBase change
  • [rev:108040] Added .mergesources.yml
  • [rev:103897] Added querystring option to Makefile (from r103884)
  • [rev:103895] Added querystring option to Makefile (from r103746)
  • [rev:103528] sort page comment table by Created field - show newest entries first
  • [rev:103521] Fixed !FileTest execution if the assets/ directory doesn't exist. (from r88353) (from r98086)
  • [rev:103447] Fixed js applying to non-tinymce textarea fields in !ModelAdmin.js (fixes #5453)
  • [rev:103362] Fixed js applying to non-tinymce textarea fields in !ModelAdmin.js (fixes #5453)
  • [rev:103348] added moderation message for non-ajax mode
  • [rev:101258] Fixed missing closing <div> in !ContentController->successfullyinstalled() (from r101254)

./sscreatechangelog --version 2.3.8 --branch branches/2.3 --stopbranch tags/2.3.7

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