This document contains information for an outdated version and may not be maintained any more. If some of your projects still use this version, consider upgrading as soon as possible.

How to Show Help Text on CMS Form Fields

Sometimes you need to express more context for a form field than is suitable for its <label> element. The CMS provides you with an easy way to transform form field attributes into help text shown alongside the field, a tooltip which shows on demand, or toggleable description text.

The FormField->setDescription() method will add a <span class="description"> at the last position within the field, and expects unescaped HTML content.

TextField::create('MyText', 'My Text Label')
    ->setDescription('More <strong>detailed</strong> help');

To show the help text as a tooltip instead of inline, add a .cms-description-tooltip class.

TextField::create('MyText', 'My Text Label')
    ->setDescription('More <strong>detailed</strong> help')

Tooltips are only supported for native, focusable input elements, which excludes more complex fields like GridField, UploadField or DropdownField with the chosen.js behaviour applied.

Sometimes a field requires a longer description to provied the user with context. Tooltips can be unwieldy when dealing with large blocks of text, especially if you're including interactive elements like links.

Another option you have available is making the field's description togglable. This keeps the UI tidy by hiding the description until the user requests more information by clicking the 'info' icon displayed alongside the field.

TextField::create('MyText', 'My Text Label')
    ->setDescription('More <strong>detailed</strong> help')

If you want to provide a custom icon for toggling the description, you can do that by setting an additional RightTitle.

TextField::create('MyText', 'My Text Label')
    ->setDescription('More <strong>detailed</strong> help')
    ->setRightTitle('<a class="cms-description-trigger">My custom icon</a>');

Note: For more advanced help text we recommend using Custom form field templates;

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