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Request Filters

RequestFilter is an interface that provides two key methods. preRequest and postRequest. These methods are executed before and after a request occurs to give developers a hook to modify any global state, add request tracking or perform operations wrapped around responses and request objects. A RequestFilter is defined as:



class CustomRequestFilter implements RequestFilter {

    public function preRequest(SS_HTTPRequest $request, Session $session, DataModel $model) {

        // if(!something) {
        //  By returning 'false' from the preRequest method, request execution will be stopped from continuing.
        //  return false;
        // }

        // we can also set any properties onto the request that we need or add any tracking
        // Foo::bar();

        // return true to continue processing.
        return true;

    public function postRequest(SS_HTTPRequest $request, SS_HTTPResponse $response, DataModel $model) {
        // response is about to be sent.
        // any modifications or tracking to be done?
        // Foo::unbar();

        // return true to send the response.
        return true;

After defining the RequestFilter, add it as an allowed filter through the Configuration API


        - '%$CustomRequestFilter'

API Documentation

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