This document contains information for an outdated version and may not be maintained any more. If some of your projects still use this version, consider upgrading as soon as possible.



Features and Enhancements

  • [rev:114901] Allow setting secure session cookies when using SSL. Recent change r114567 made this impossible. (thanks simon_w!) (from r114900)


  • [rev:115189] Removing form actions from $allowed_actions in !AssetAdmin, CMSMain, !LeftAndMain - handled through Form->httpSubmission() (from r115185)
  • [rev:115188] Checking for existence of !FormAction in Form->httpSubmission() to avoid bypassing $allowed_actions definitions in controllers containing this form
  • [rev:115188] Checking for $allowed_actions in Form class, through Form->httpSubmission() (from r115182)
  • [rev:115169] Fixed conflicting check of mysite directory with recommendation of removal of _config.php in installer
  • [rev:114941] #6162 CMSMain::publishall() fails when over 30 pages (thanks natmchugh!) (from r114940)
  • [rev:114922] #6219 Director::direct() validation fails for doubly nested file fields (thanks ajshort!) (from r114921)
  • [rev:114823] Installer should check asp_tags is disabled, as it can cause issues with !SilverStripe

Minor changes

  • [rev:114916] Ensure php5-required.html template shows correct minimum and recommended PHP versions (thanks mattcleg!) (from r114915)

./sscreatechangelog --version 2.4.4-rc2 --branch branches/2.4 --stopbranch tags/rc/2.4.4-rc1

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