This document contains information for an outdated version and may not be maintained any more. If some of your projects still use this version, consider upgrading as soon as possible.

2.4.5 (2011-02-02)


  • Enhancement: File->canEdit() and File->canCreate() now use extendedCan()
  • Enhancement: Installer check for magic_quotes_gpc (PHP option) and issues a warning if enabled
  • Bugfix: CMSMain->rollback() fails because of CSRF protection
  • Bugfix: Valid file uploads with uppercase extensions blocked from being web accessible
  • Bugfix: Page comments saving onto wrong page
  • Bugfix: Incorrect call to weekday function in Date class
  • Bugfix: SilverStripeNavigator error in case where page is not published, viewing archived site


Features and Enhancements

  • [rev:115416] Changed canEdit and canCreate extend to extendedCan
  • [rev:115265] Installer now checks for magic_quotes_gpc being turned off. This option turned on can cause issues with serialized data in cookies when unserializing (from r115264)


  • [rev:115816] #6321 Whitelisted file extensions with uppercase extensions blocked by case sensitive FilesMatch directive in assets/.htaccess (does not affect IIS 7.x which uses web.config)
  • [rev:115720] transaction function names fixed
  • [rev:115460] DateField wrong datepicker-%s.js path (fixes #6296, thanks martijn)
  • [rev:115443] Incorrect call to weekday function in Date class (thanks webbower!)
  • [rev:115442] Checking for existence of draft and live records in SilverStripeNavigatorItem_ArchiveLink->getHTML() (from r115130)
  • [rev:115440] #6291 Remove rollback action from CMSMain allowed_actions and rely on form action_rollback instead which is safer
  • [rev:115437] Fixed edge case bug where SilverStripeNavigatorItem would fail if a page was not published, and the navigator archive link was generated
  • [rev:115399] #6304 PageCommentInterface::PostCommentForm() loads inappropriate data from cookie, including wrong values for ParentID
  • [rev:115379] #6299 TableListField::Link() includes $action value twice (thanks ajshort!)
  • [rev:115314] #6287 open_basedir restriction breaks RandomGenerator when trying to read dev/urandom
  • [rev:115313] Allowing CMSMain->rollback() outside of form contexts, temporariliy disabling CSRF protection. Necessary in order to get rollback actions working from admin/getversion (regression from 2.4.4 release, see #6291)

Minor changes

  • [rev:115854] #6397 CoreTest should use test specific paths, otherwise conflicts can occur in certain environments
  • [rev:115461] Fixed en_US spelling (fixes #6316, thanks sonetseo)


  • [rev:115723] Reverted to revision 101592

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