This document contains information for an outdated version and may not be maintained any more. If some of your projects still use this version, consider upgrading as soon as possible.

2.3.9 (2010-11-11)


  • Fixed a security issue where destructive controller actions are not correctly secured against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF). This affects various CMS interfaces, as well as classes based on TableListField or ComplexTableField.
  • Compatibility with PHPUnit 3.5

See 2.4.3

2.3.9 Changelog

Features and Enhancements

  • [rev:113305] Added Form->enableSecurityToken() as a counterpart to the existing disableSecurityToken() (from r113284)
  • [rev:113293] Added !SecurityToken to wrap CSRF protection via "SecurityID" request parameter (from r113272)
  • [rev:111834] refactored runTests, using the new phpunit wrapper classes.
  • [rev:111832] Created a phpunit wrapper class to ensure that Sapphire's test framework is capable of running unit tests, coverage report and retrieve clover-statistics for PHPUnit 3.4 and PHPUnit 3.5

API Changes

  • [rev:113321] Using Controller::join_links() to construct links in !ComplexTableField and !TableListField (partially merged from r88495, r96775)
  • [rev:113318] Fixed various controllers to enforce CSRF protection through Form_!SecurityToken on GET actions that are not routed through Form->httpSubmission(): !AssetAdmin, CMSBatchActionHandler, CMSMain, !CommentTableField, !LeftAndMain, !MemberTableField, !PageComment, !PageComment_Controller (from r113282)
  • [rev:113297] Added security token to !TableListField->Link() in order to include it in all URL actions automatically. This ensures that field actions bypassing Form->httpSubmission() still get CSRF protection (from r113275)


  • [rev:113319] Fixed Controller::join_links() handling of fragment identifiers (merged from r104580)
  • [rev:113302] Clear static marking caches on Hierarchy->flushCache() (from r113277)
  • [rev:113301] Fixed !ComplexTableField and !TableListField GET actions against CSRF attacks (with Form_!SecurityToken->checkRequest()) (from r113276)
  • [rev:113294] Using current controller for !MemberTableField constructor in Group->getCMSFields() instead of passing in a wrong instance (Group) (from r113273)
  • [rev:113158] Add PHPUnit includes to !SapphireTest class (can be loaded outside of !TestRunner for static calls, in which case the PHPUnit autoloaders/includes aren't in place yet) (merged from r113156)
  • [rev:111837] Using mock controller in !RestfulServiceTest to avoid problems with missing require() calls for PHPUnit/Framework.php (performed in recently merged PHPUnitWrapper::init() which is never called for "nested" true HTTP calls within unit tests). Mostly merged from branches/2.4.
  • [rev:111836] Renamed PHPUnit wrappers not to use underscores in classnames, as this confuses !ManifestBuilder prior to the 2.4 release

Minor changes

  • [rev:113361] Fixed regression from r113282 for changed !SecurityToken API in CMSMain->publishall() (fixes #6159) (from r113360)
  • [rev:113312] Using !SecurityToken in !ViewableData->getSecurityID() (from r113274)
  • [rev:113308] Removed unused !SecurityAdmin->!MemberForm() and savemember() (see !MemberTableField) (from r113281)
  • [rev:113307] Removed unused !SecurityAdmin->removememberfromgroup() (see !MemberTableField) (from r113279)
  • [rev:113303] Reverted commented out code (regression from r113293)
  • [rev:113298] Fixed HTTPRequest class usage (regression from r113293)
  • [rev:111835] added phpdoc to the new PHPUnitWrapper classes.


  • [rev:111833] API-CHANGE: remove include which is not required.
  • [rev:111831] ENHACENEMENT: Change behaviour of the !MenufestBuilder to use spl_autoload_register instead of traditional __autoload.

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