This document contains information for an outdated version and may not be maintained any more. If some of your projects still use this version, consider upgrading as soon as possible.

2.3.6 (2010-02-08)


Features and Enhancements

  • [rev:98081] Removed dev/reset, instead encouraging the use of dev/tests/startsession for tests.
  • [rev:98081] Let people use dev/tests/startsession without a fixture, instead calling requireDefaultRecords

API Changes

  • [rev:98375] HTTP::setGetVar() always returns absolute URLs. Use Director::makeRelative() to make them relative again. (merged from r98373)
  • [rev:98375] HTTP::setGetVar() combines any GET parameters in PHP array notation (e.g. "foo[bar]=val") instead of replacing the whole array (merged from r98373)


  • [rev:98405] #5044 Hierarchy::loadDescendantIDListInto() now uses Object::getExtensionInstance('Hierarchy') instead of going through call(), as PHP 5.3 has issues converting references to values
  • [rev:98405] Fixed Hierarchy->loadDescendantIdList() to call setOwner() on the extension instance. This was necessary due to underlying Object/Extension changes in 2.4. (merged from r98403)
  • [rev:98375] HTTP::setGetVar() uses parse_url() and http_build_query() to add query parameters to an existing URL, instead of doing its own regex-based parsing. This means existing GET parameters are correctly url encoded. (merged from r98373)
  • [rev:98273] Don't force SSL when running from CLI
  • [rev:98230] Disabled ?debug_profile=1 on live environment types (merged from r80057)
  • [rev:98229] Limiting ?debug_memory parameter to development environments through using Debug::message() instead of a straight echo() (merged from r74067)

Minor changes

  • [rev:98410] Fixed HTTPTest->testSetGetVar() (merged from r98409)
  • [rev:98408] Fixed HTTPTest->testSetGetVar() (merged from r98407)
  • [rev:98405] Added test case for Hierarchy::getDescendantIDList() which also tests Hierarchy::loadDescendantIDListInto() (merged from r98369)
  • [rev:98405] Testing of grand-children items in HierarchyTest::testLoadDescendantIDListIntoArray() and HierarchyTest::testNumChildren() (merged from r98376)
  • [rev:98405] Fixed HierarchyTest assertions around including grand children counts (merged from r98403)
  • [rev:98384] Fixed HTTPTest when invoked through dev/tests/all or with GET parameters (see r98373) (merged from r98383)


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