This document contains information for an outdated version and may not be maintained any more. If some of your projects still use this version, consider upgrading as soon as possible.

2.3.10 (2010-12-21)


  • Security: XSS in controller handling for missing actions
  • Security: SQL injection with Translatable extension enabled
  • Security: Version number information disclosure
  • Security: Weak entropy in tokens for CSRF protection, autologin, "forgot password" emails and password salts
  • Security: HTTP referer leakage on Security/changepassword
  • Security: CSRF protection bypassed when handling form action requests through controller
  • Improved security of PHPSESSID and byPassStaticCache cookies (setting them to 'httpOnly')

Upgrading Notes

See 2.4.4


Features and Enhancements

  • [rev:114501] Added !RandomGenerator for more secure CSRF tokens etc. (from r114497) (from r114499)


  • [rev:115200] Removing form actions from in !AssetAdmin, CMSMain, !LeftAndMain - handled through Form->httpSubmission() (merged from r115185)
  • [rev:115191] Checking for existence of !FormAction in Form->httpSubmission() to avoid bypassing $allowed_actions definitions in controllers containing this form
  • [rev:115191] Checking for $allowed_actions in Form class, through Form->httpSubmission() (from r115182)
  • [rev:114776] Disallow web access to sapphire/silverstripe_version to avoid information leakage (from r114773)
  • [rev:114772] Disallow web access to cms/silverstripe_version to avoid information leakage (from r114770)
  • [rev:114763] Avoid potential referer leaking in Security->changepassword() form by storing Member->!AutoLoginHash in session instead of 'h' GET parameter (from r114758)
  • [rev:114741] Fixed CSRF warning in image form after selecting a folder. (from r80237)
  • [rev:114517] Escaping $locale values in Translatable->augmentSQL() in addition to the i18n::validate_locale() input validation (from r114515) (from r114516)
  • [rev:114513] Limiting usage of mcrypt_create_iv() in !RandomGenerator->generateEntropy() to *nix platforms to avoid fatal errors (specically in IIS) (from r114510) (from r114512)
  • [rev:114509] Using !RandomGenerator class in Member->logIn(), Member->autoLogin() and Member->generateAutologinHash() for better randomization of tokens. Increased VARCHAR length of '!RememberLoginToken' and '!AutoLoginHash' fields to 1024 characters to support longer token strings. (from r114504) (from r114507)
  • [rev:114502] Using !RandomGenerator class in !SecurityToken->generate() for more random tokens (from r114500)
  • [rev:114266] Removing quotes from test data in !RestfulServiceTest, it gives different results depending on magic_quotes_gpc setting on PHP configuration (merged from r80132).

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