This document contains information for an outdated version and may not be maintained any more. If some of your projects still use this version, consider upgrading as soon as possible.

2.3.1 (2009-03-19)

New Features

  • ![rev:72804] #3659 - Update key to show what purple means (ezero)
  • ![rev:72791] #3614 - Allow spell checking in HTMLEditorField when used outside of the CMS
  • ![rev:72788] #3612 - Option to auto-login with basic auth (jshipman)
  • ![rev:72771] added ability to disable AJAX commenting
  • ![rev:72763] #3610 - Require ADMIN permissions for ?flush=all
  • ![rev:72517] Allow access to the live site via RESTful api
  • ![rev:73435] more robust conditional check before we go to foreach loop, more robust conditional checking before we call a FormField function where we are not sure the caller is a FormField object.
  • ![rev:73285] Added Director::is_relative_url() and Director::is_site_url()
  • ![rev:73149] Allow calling methods on DataObjects using RESTful API. Methods which can be called must be specified in the $allowed_actions array of the DataObject.
  • ![rev:72574] Made JS i18n optional; disable it by calling Requirements::set_js_i18n(false)
  • ![rev:72497] Database will fix itself if you view the site and the database doesn't exist
  • ![rev:72496] Added BASE_SCRIPT_URL that lets you run a site without rewriting rules
  • ![rev:72346] Added onBeforeSecurityLogin event handler to Security/login, for extensions to plug into
  • ![rev:72229] Fixed invalid RSSFeed format - added <atom:link> and <dc:creator> elements, removed <author> element (invalid unless it contains an email address)
  • ![rev:72119] #3232 lenix: Added Date::FormatI18N()


  • ![rev:73437] Fixed possible SQL injection in file name part for File::find()

  • ![rev:73318] Added missing action 'DeleteImageForm' to Image::$allowed_actions

  • ![rev:73304] Added missing action 'EditImageForm' to Image::$allowed_actions

  • ![rev:73301] Fixed too strict permission checking on Image::$allowed_actions. Replaced broken * permission check with explicit method names

  • ![rev:73299] Fixed array to string conversion caused by patch commited in r73285

  • ![rev:73291] Using $allowed_actions in Image_Uploader (Merged from r73255)

  • ![rev:73290] Validating $_FILES in Upload->validate() (Merged from r73254)

  • ![rev:73289] Existence check for Member autologin token (Merged from r73253)

  • ![rev:73288] Checking for Director::is_site_url() before redirecting in Controller->redirectBack() and MemberLoginForm (Merged from r73252)

  • ![rev:73286] Added isDev() and Permission::check() directives to DatabaseAdmin and DevelopmentAdmin (Merged from r73251)

  • ![rev:73285] Validating $_FILES array in Director::direct()

  • ![rev:73284] Using $allowed_actions in ImageEditor (Merged from r73248)

  • ![rev:73261] Interpret 401s and 403s created init() methods as 'finished' requests

  • ![rev:73117] Fixed ajax-response for multiple-item deletion

  • ![rev:73099] Fix notice-level error in rewriteless operation of homepage when db needs to be created

  • ![rev:73084] #3715: Show the changes message in a popup instead of a blank confirm box

  • ![rev:73082] #3716: Added error trapping to WYSIWYG side forms

  • ![rev:73080] #3714: Added default value to modeladmin search button

  • ![rev:73016] redirect user down to their posted comment if it was not posted via AJAX

  • ![rev:72926] #3591: Make Controller::isAjax() more reliable

  • ![rev:72854] #3529 - SilverStripeNavigator causes strict XHTML pages to fail in Firefox (michaek)

  • ![rev:72852] #3596 - Creating more than one new folder causes infinite loop (hamish)

  • ![rev:72819] Only use target="_blank" for files by default

  • ![rev:72816] #3645 - CommenterURL missing from CMS

  • ![rev:72798] #1450 - Passwords should be obscured when adding a member in a MemberTableField

  • ![rev:72760] Make sure "Template to install" retains its value when rechecking requirements

  • ![rev:72694] #3590: Allow subclassing of Folder

  • ![rev:72693] #3590: Allow subclassing of Folder

  • ![rev:72564] Include i18n where necessary. 2nd part of r72563

  • ![rev:72563] Updated i18n javascript system so that the i18n javascript needs to be explicitly included, so that it doesn't poke its nose in where it's not wanted.

  • ![rev:72557] #3418: Remove jQuery coupling from Email field focus, and only include email focus when validation is enabled

  • ![rev:72457] #3644 - _ss_environment.php search creates open_basedir error (ed)

  • ![rev:72341] Ensure that $this->class is set on ArrayData objects

  • ![rev:72338] Allow SilverStripe to work when asp_tags is on

  • ![rev:72252] Memory usage improvements to CsvBulkLoader and Member::onBeforeWrite()

  • ![rev:72201] fixed syntax fail in silverstripe navigator

  • ![rev:72200] Prevent infinite redirection when the homepage isn't available, when using modules such as subsites.

  • ![rev:72190] escaped filename before querying with it - #ajoneil

  • ![rev:73283] Using auto-escaped get_by_id() in CommentAdmin and SecurityAdmin (Merged from r73247)

  • ![rev:73395] Disallow access of cli-script.php through a browser

  • ![rev:72602] restored image panel showing 3 across (#3670)

  • ![rev:72254] Fix tabs not being correct size when first loaded


  • ![rev:73285] (Merged from r73250)

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