This document contains information for an outdated version and may not be maintained any more. If some of your projects still use this version, consider upgrading as soon as possible.

2.2.4 (2009-03-20)

Features and Enhancements

  • ![rev:65263] Default permission failure message set can be changed
  • ![rev:73365] Text->FirstParagraph?() now works for <div> containers in HTML, as you may not always have paragraph tags.
  • ![rev:73272] Added Director::is_relative_url() and Director::is_site_url()
  • ![rev:69634] After a javascript validation error from a form submission, focus on the first errored field


  • ![rev:73367] Allow translation of front-end content into all languages, not just common ones (Merged from r64943)
  • ![rev:73347] Removed canEdit() call that doesn't exist in SecurityAdmin::savemember()
  • ![rev:73319] Added missing action 'DeleteImageForm' to Image::$allowed_actions
  • ![rev:73305] Added missing action 'EditImageForm' to Image::$allowed_actions
  • ![rev:73302] Fixed too strict permission checking on Image::$allowed_actions. Replaced broken * permission check with explicit method names
  • ![rev:73298] Fixed array to string conversion caused by patch committed in r73272
  • ![rev:73295] Validating $_FILES in Image::loadUploadedImage() (Original patch was applied to Upload->validate() in trunk - r73254)
  • ![rev:73294] Validating $_FILES in Folder::addUploadToFolder() (Original patch was applied to Upload->validate() in trunk - r73254)
  • ![rev:73292] Fixed undefined variable $backURL that should've been $_REQUEST['BackURL']
  • ![rev:73282] Using $allowed_actions in ImageEditor (Merged from r73248)
  • ![rev:73280] Using $allowed_actions in Image_Uploader (Merged from r73255)
  • ![rev:73279] Validating $_FILES in File::loadUploaded (Original patch was applied to Upload->validate() in trunk - r73254)
  • ![rev:73278] Existence check for Member autologin token (Merged from r73253)
  • ![rev:73276] Checking for Director::is_site_url() before redirecting in Controller->redirectBack() and MemberLoginForm (Merged from r73252)
  • ![rev:73273] Added isDev() and Permission::check() directives to DatabaseAdmin (Merged from r73251)
  • ![rev:73272] Validating $_FILES array in Director::direct()
  • ![rev:73271] Using auto-escaped get_by_id() in CommentAdmin and SecurityAdmin (Merged from r73247)
  • ![rev:72220] changed target blank to only exist by default for files
  • ![rev:69598] Corrected layout of Security/lostpassword and Secuirty/changepassword pages to not show a glitchy main menu, ie, matches Security/login
  • ![rev:69138] Fix readonly checkbox fields always setting the field to true
  • ![rev:65490] Fixed usability issue with CalendarDateField required field validation. Slightly over-coupled; resolve that in the jQuery validation rewrite.
  • ![rev:65258] Fixed ComplexTableField showing export link correctly
  • ![rev:65219] Fixed i18n entity problem with
  • ![rev:69594] Corrected changed-password email layout
  • ![rev:67482] Merged db/build fix for auto_increment
  • ![rev:65473] Preserve BackURL get-variable on failed log-ins
  • ![rev:65488] Removed 'Welcome back, FirstName', message that appears if you log-in, out, then in again
  • ![rev:66552] Make sure only fields that exist can be autocompleted on MemberTableFields, and never autocomplete on password. (merged from branches/2.3)
  • ![rev:69440] forced tinymce to keep iframes in html rather then deleting them
  • ![rev:66769] Reverted r66440 - this was causing too many bugs
  • ![rev:66479] Fixed error on CommentAdmin
  • ![rev:66440] Merged r57599 from branches/roa

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