This document contains information for an outdated version and may not be maintained any more. If some of your projects still use this version, consider upgrading as soon as possible.

2.0.1 (2007-04-17)

SilverStripe 2.0.1 was released on '''17 April 2007''' and had the following changes:


  • Improved layout of UserDefinedForm submissions in CMS
  • Don't show name field on root folder in Assets section
  • Mime types fallback for servers don't have /etc/mime.types
  • mb_string module is now an optional dependency
  • Added strong_create method to Object, as useCustomClass was not working correctly


  • Sapphire
    • Text->FirstParagraph() now only shows the first paragraph
    • Fixed HTMLText->Summary()
    • Fixed layout issues on IE7 for TreeDropdownField
    • Don't show Akismet errors to user
    • Removed overloaded MemberTableField->sourceItems() that was causing problems
    • Fixed UserDefinedForm submission emails
    • Fixed UserDefinedForm permissions
    • If a file extension doesn't have a maximum upload size associated with it, then allow uploads of any size
    • Fixed a bug with the TreeMultiselectField that prevented it from displaying the checkboxes
    • Made Scheduled tasks concrete so they can be instantiated
    • TableField fixes
    • Fixed security vunerability in search
    • GD::color_web2gd() was using incorrect substr
    • Fixed last link css
    • Fixed duplicate checkbox fields in UserDefinedForm
    • Fixed css in UserDefinedForm
  • CMS
    • Fixed sizing of tabs in CMS
    • Fixed popup for single asset in Files & Images section
    • Fixed link to CMS on default homepage
    • Fixed permissions table in Security section
    • Fixed el no properties error in IE
    • Pressing the flash button a second time now hides the dropdown
  • Fixed MySQL version check
  • Merge with existing .htaccess file
  • Test that mod_rewrite is working
  • Added option to delete installer files after successful install
  • Fixed PHP4 parse error so installer loads and shows correct error message
  • Apache test passes if apache is used but apache php functions are not available
  • SilverStripe needs at least PHP version 5.0.4

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